South East College Targets Record Medal Haul

Peter Symonds College (PSC) will have 94 students competing in the AoC National Championships this year, representing the South East in 16 different events: cross country (men’s and women’s), men’s doubles badminton, men’s doubles tennis, men’s golf, men’s and women’s hockey, men’s and women’s rugby, men’s singles table tennis, men’s singles tennis, men’s volleyball, netball, swimming (men’s and women’s), trampolining, women’s doubles badminton and women’s singles tennis.

Peter Symonds has enjoyed a lot of success in previous years at the Championships, and last year alone they took home medals in 12 different events.

The college had 96 students competing in 2015, winning gold in men’s cross country, men’s doubles badminton, mixed doubles badminton, men’s and women’s hockey, men’s singles tennis and swimming. They took home four silver medals from the men’s rugby, men’s squash and both the men’s and women’s doubles tennis, while they also claimed bronze in the women’s cross country.

Last year’s medal haul was more than a little impressive, but they want to make sure they replicate the success this time around in Tyne and Wear.

Their men’s hockey team have travelled to the National Championships in five of the last six years. They have been incredibly successful and are also in the AoC National Cup Final this year. Led by Captain Will Jones, they hope to repeat last year’s gold medal win. The team worked hard for their victory last year, with the medals depending on the last fixture against Richard Huish, in which PSC scored from a short corner in the dying seconds to win the tournament.

After winning all of their games in the regional tournament this season, the men’s rugby team qualified for the Nationals for the second year running. They have already won the Hampshire Cup this season and are in the AoC National Cup Final. With stars like Harry Johnston and Olly Maxwell, the team hope to go even further this year and win the gold medal. 

The men’s volleyball team have had an incredible season, not yet losing a fixture and making it to the AoC National Cup Final for the first time in their history. Ed Lewis, captain of the team, hopes to lead the team to even more success in Tyne & Wear.

Three swimmers will be representing the South East from PSC - Freya Rhodes for the second year in a row. The team hope to repeat their success from last year and win more gold medals.
PSC women’s hockey team have repeated their successful season from last year, making it to the AoC National Cup Final and representing the South East at the Nationals. After winning gold last year, hockey stars Freyja Haigh and Fleur Geernaert hope to assist the team in repeating their success.

For the second year running, PSC has the highest number of students attending the National Championships. They hope to match last year’s medal tally and not only help the South East to the Wilkinson Sword title, but also be the most successful college at the event.