All staff and students are accommodated on-site in halls of residence and are to adhere to the university rules. Staff accompanying students are required to check rooms on arrival and departure and to report any damage to university staff.  Damages will be charged to the college concerned directly by the university.  Please ensure that you read the fire regulations.  If you have any questions please ask the university staff or your AoC Sport Regional Development Officer.

Colleges booking the two-night package will receive half board accommodation as well as packed lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

Regions will be housed in the following Halls. Please register at your respective Halls of Residence upon arrival. For regions split between different Halls, please refer to your confirmation email sent by Nottingham Conferences to your college’s location.


Hall of Res.JPG





Colleges that are booked in to university accommodation can collect a parking permit on arrival and will be able to park cars and minibuses at their halls of residence.


Colleges that have booked off-site accommodation will be required to pay for parking on Friday.